Shutter buyers beware: just because you spend a lot of money doesn't mean the finished installation will turn out to be a quality job. Here is one poor consumer's bad experience.

Standard shutter sizes don't fit most windows

Shutters that look good in the showroom can prove to be a nightmare once the tradesmen have finished. These pictures show you the little details that make a big difference when the measure and quote doesn't follow through with the install. Despite spending $13,000, this project has left one customer very unhappy. A year of complaints has not made any difference. What were the installers thinking when they did this shoddy job? Here is our guess...

Shutter tracking Shutter install 

We've four standard shutter panels but the window is curved, what should we do? Lets just whack in a straight frame, pack it a bit here, add another filler strip there, and Bob's your Uncle..

Window shutters
Poor fitting shuttersWindow shutter fixing
Don't look too close, they sort of fit, you get a bit of extra overlap so the middle shutter won't close but all the ugly framing bits and extra hinges you can have for no extra.

A nice simple door frame ruined by a big box to fit a shutter

Shutter for doorwayShutter installDoor shutter frame

We made your shutter fit, took a lot of fiddling...don't worry about the gap at the top or the big pelmet that isn't actually doing anything, or the space at the side where it's hanging out from the wall, you'll get used to it.

Shutter frameShutter installShutter disaster

Why would you want a clean simple guide track when it's easier for us to just nail down a big white frame to your floor? Don't worry about the fact we covered your heating vent, the shutter blades might bow a bit but you'll just have to live with that...

Quality shutters can be let down by shoddy installation

You have a right to expect a professional job if you pay for it. Here is a list of suppliers that are specialists at measuring and installing shutters,