Since I first wrote this site almost ten years ago the majority of local businesses that made shutters in Australia have gone out of business. In the retail market, shutters have been dumbed-down by a flood of imports. These lower standard shutters have become a ready made alternative to blinds and venetians. Quality shutters are increasingly hard to find in blind and decorator stores. The shutter companies you can buy from direct are increasingly selling similar low quality imported product pretending it's made here.

Shutter importers and their retailers

There are companies who import from Asia and wholesale to curtain and blind shops, department stores and builders. These companies also retail against the curtain and blind shops and sell to the building developer market. Looking at this supply chain we note the consumer pays a high price for a low cost product.

Local manufacturers 

I have mentioned in other places most brands I could find do not actually manufacture shutters in Australia. I could only find one company that appeared to specialise in manufacturing only shutters.  Open Shutters showed me their factory on the Central Coast which is large with computerised machines and advanced technologies.  Other manufacturers I could find in the past no longer produce their own shutters locally. Most now sell imported shutters.

Back yard operators
Some people buy the bits and put them together in their backyard and then install them for you; they are not manufacturers and do not necessarily have the expertise required.

Blind and curtain makers and retailers who “bolt on” shutters to their range

There are a myriad of people dealing in shutters, which are an extremely detailed item and deserve serious consideration to ensure you get the best product, installation design and expert fitting. Curtain fitters seldom have the training or interest in the details required for a good shutter job. The same problem can apply with blind fitters. As stated above, contractors (and contract companies) who are trained by the manufacturer, through their factories, are the better choice for installations.

My advice is always to ask a potential supplier where their shutters are made.  Are you able to see pictures of their factory and/or easily access a 'Google-360'-style walkthrough which will support their answer?


In summary, if you are considering shutters, buying Australian will save you from paying too much for a low cost product. There is also the good feeling from knowing you are helping employ Aussies who make a world-class product at a competitive price. See a list of reliable suppliers of Australian made to order shutters.